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Otis' House

Intervention in einer Wohnung in Berlin


Alle LPH, zusammen mit Paola Bagna


Two street-facing front rooms were connected with a new door, reorganizing the floor plan to achieve longer vistas and greater diffusion of natural light.

A cube concept emphasizes the new circular flow. This cube houses (Otis' house) and generates new uses. The resulting shake-up of the floor plan feels dynamic and polyvalent, suggesting various future uses. Private, family orientated space now contrasts with the public office space used by the international photographic agency fotohaus.

Otis took ownership of his space from the very beginning, proudly inviting visitors to “Come in!”.

A modular construction, a cube made out of cubes, enabled a faster and dust free assembling works.

The cube will evolve with Otis once he’s old enough to decide how he wants to use it. The rooftop could become a second playground or sleeping area, leaving the lower area as a study area or a guest bed. A net over the door will create a floating chill-out area. For the time being, a swing opens up the play possibilities and provides a taste of what’s to come...

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